New website coming soon!

29 Jun

Well, as you can clearly see if you’re visiting this page looking for amazing updates, blogging, pictures and news then you’ll be disappointed! The last update was in September 2012 and this is because I wasn’t getting on with the whole blog thing too well or in fact this WordPress site. So… The good news [...]

Autumn? already…?

2 Sep

Well, there’s no escaping the fact that Autumn is almost here… Although it is true that September is often better weatherwise than the rest of the summer! Maybe that’s why it remains a busy wedding month for us florists. Also, for us at David Ragg HQ (haha!) it means the rather exciting trip down to [...]

Singapore Garden Festival July 2012

7 Aug

For those of you who have never seen a glimpse of this amazing show in Singapore here is a short video of this years stunning presentations. Garden Designers and Floral Designers from across the globe gather at this Biannual showcase event and it is a personal mission of mine to be there in 2014! Thanks [...]


20 Jul

WOW! What a time we had in Miami… DD & I spent 5 days at the AIFD Symposium preparing and presenting our Program “Some Like it Hot!” for the annual gathering of the American Institute of Floral Designers Symposium and join that elite bunch of UK designers to have the privilege of doing so. As [...]

New Branding for D&D!

19 Jun

My altar ego, that is half of D&D Designs, is proud to reveal the new logo and branding for our floral design initiative. David Denyer & I started up D&D Designs as a little side shoot to run alongside my own business when we are doing things together outside the shop environment. This could be [...]

66 seconds (and larger!)

11 May

45 seconds!

10 May

45 Second arrangement! Click here for the speedier version!

60 Seconds!

10 May

        large¬†click here for 60 second arrangement

90 Second Arrangement

4 May

So just how long does it take to make an floral arrangement? Here I show you… just 90 seconds in fact, although admittedly the Oasis was already soaked and placed in the container! Based on this, I figure that given the right conditions I could churn out around 35 of these babies in an hour! [...]

Wedding Flowers…part one

1 Mar

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