Have you heard of "The Flower Lab"?

...or maybe the "Blumiges Zukunfts Labor"?

Well maybe not...yet!

The Flower Lab is a project that has been specifically put together to help the florist understand the importance of engagement with the new consumer in this Millennial Age.

The Flower Lab exists to provide feasible and innovative ideas for the savvy street level florist to implement on a daily/weekly basis that will elevate them into the conscientious buying world of the modern day consumer... what do they want? how do they buy? when do they buy? what are their beliefs etc etc...

For me, this is a really important project not least because I will be responsible for staging The Flower Lab at this year's Fleurex event run by the BFA in October.

I was asked if I'd like to take this project on by Steve France (MD of online buying platform Florismart) and I was more than eager to accept the challenge!

After a quick trip out to Germany at the end of January to see the inaugural Flower Lab (or Blumiges Zukunfts Labor to the locals) at IPM Essen, I was kind of hooked. It is a great concept that will, in it's various guises as it travels around Europe, develop, enhance and become ever more engaging as the project gathers momentum.

The images above are merely a glimpse of things to come (although The Flower Lab UK may well have a very different look) and this first blog about the project is only the start!

Please check in again soon, when I'll have news of further developments and content as the project is unveiled at Fleurex in October.

Exciting times to be a retail florist??

It certainly is and most certainly should be - especially for those willing to embrace a new direction and leave the floristry cobwebs behind!