I learn all the time (don't we all?).

My thinking is that through sharing ideas - whether it's with bridal client, a company planning a launch or a floristry group wanting to expand their creative process - we can achieve remarkable results.

Keeping secrets is not on my agenda. Nor is compromise or paying lip service. If I'm not 100% sure that the creative process will work then I will let you know. If I feel that I am not the right person to work on a particular project I will try my best to find someone who is. Horses for courses really...

I love a challenge, and I love a deadline (just don't give me too long...I'm sure the best solutions come from being spontaneous!)

I have worked on small weddings, large functions, complicated projects involving teams of florists and logistics. I have travelled the globe teaching, lecturing and demonstrating my passion for all things floral.

I love the quirky, but I also adore the classics...

It's a bit like this... Motorhead or Mozart?

Tell you what...I'll have a bit of both!